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Bunkmate Books publishes LGBTQ+ books.Our books range from wholesome-but-sexy romance through to hardcore, kinky erotica. Our books focus on gay men (or at least men who are attracted to men, no matter how they identify).Bunkmate Books was established in 2022 and is based in Aotearoa (that's the indigenous name for New Zealand).Bunkmate Books is what's known as an 'imprint' or trade name. We're not the kind of press that seeks out new authors to enter into publishing agreements with (ie, we don't accept queries from authors looking for a publisher), and we're not a vanity press that will publish your book for a fee. We're just a brand to publish the work of a small group of authors.

What we stand for

We're sex positive, kink positive, and happy to challenge traditional heteronormative morality when it comes to sex and relationships.We care about the environment, and we try to ensure the climate impact of our production is fully offset and carbon neutral (this is a work in progress).We care about the rights of workers in the publishing industry, including supporting union organising in companies like Amazon and Google that distribute our books.